A little about me


Open Source Software Engineer – Microsoft’s Developer Experience group(DX)


As an open source engineer for Microsoft my primary focus is crafting technical solutions to Microsoft’s most strategic partners while using the most emerging and cutting edge open source technologies, and sharing the story with the OSS community through blogs and conferences. We want to show how open source frameworks can be used in conjunction with some amazing Microsoft products like Cortana, Azure and Bing to create a world-class solution for our clients ranging from startup accelerators to large institutions and the developer community.

All of the code our team produces is available on GitHub. We’re passionate about touring the world and sharing our experiences and solutions with the developer community as examples and best practices. We develop solutions for functional areas spanning across cloud computing, big data, machine learning, internet of things and wearables(hololens). We work off a growing technology stack which varries from IoT, Node, Javascript, React, Azure, Java, C#, IO.js, Ember, Python, Docker, Deis, Angular and many others. I currently specialize in Node, JS, Java, React, Vertx, Angular and Docker.

I have a deep passion for leveraging up-and-coming open source web frameworks to help make developer lives easier. I’m an active contributor to the SailsJS, RxJS and React community. I previously created frameworks that leverage Sails to simplify and help accelerate the process of bootstrapping a full stack web environment.

Things I did

Prior to my current role here at Microsoft, I spent the previous 11 years engineering and leading large-scale enterprise financial system buildouts for Goldman Sachs front, mid & back office divisions. My time at Goldman consisted of leading large teams that spanned from senior VP’s to junior engineers and system architects, and have a demonstrable track record of building world class software that’s still used as the backbone of GS’s alternative investment business(s).

I spent my first 8 years at GS leading the private equity engineering team chartered to automate and streamline their operational and research processes across their private equity and advisory business lines. These efforts included architecting enterprise technology solutions around trading exotic derivatives, an enterprise CRM platform, time machined data warehouses, business intelligence / analytical tools, payment processing, cash management, portfolio accounting and construction platforms.

During my final 3 years at GS I led the engineering efforts for a distributed high performance web architecture for the alternative’s investment division. We heavily relied on the Vertx.io open source stack to drive this architecture. We built a “Dropbox” like content management cloud-based storage solution used across various divisions in GS for storing research and due-diligence related content. This PaaS was leveraged to manage and distribute both internal and external client/investment documents.

I walked away from Goldman with great working relationships and attaining sound practices on how to engineer distributed systems that can scale horizontally to meet unpredictable data and volume needs. Most importantly, I learned the significance of team work and leaning on the strengths of your peers, while appreciating the qualities from colleagues which inspire and motivate you.

The future here at Microsoft has never been brighter than it is today, and feel privileged and excited to be a part of the most innovative software company on the planet and contribute to our company’s great success.

Erik Schlegel

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